There are no such things as taboos for Ryo. S and his art. He keeps drawing, knowing there are colorful encounters at the end of the path.

He was born in 1980 in Aomori, Japan, where he resides to this day. Although he was born with cerebral palsy that made his daily life difficult with his limbs disabled, he draws with a pencil or a brush in his mouth. His handicap opened up the door for the habit of always coming up with what he could do with what he had.

In pursuit of possibilities, he tried various art forms, including oil, watercolor, acrylic, ink painting, and sculpture, but drawing with pencils ended up as his signature style. The threshold of his encounter with pencil drawing was that it allowed him to complete work alone regardless of his disability. The contrast of black and white allows him to draw infinite possibilities from nothing. Not limiting his artistic expression to drawing, he started a rock band at 17. He ventured into composing and playing musical instruments.

In 2005, he established C-FLOWER, a company that offers training for people with difficulty finding general employment. While serving as CEO of the company, he had his first solo exhibition in his hometown Aomori. Local and nationwide newspapers and news covered the exhibition. After holding a solo exhibition or two every month, he expanded the scope of his artistic activities, and held solo exhibitions in major cities in Japan, including Sapporo, Itami, and Tokyo. In 2019, he single-handedly took a trip to New York, looking to show his work abroad. He joined the Japanese ontemporary Artists Team around the same time.

He wants to sublimate all the encounters on the way into art while understanding the necessity for being consistent and particular in order to explore the possibilities.