KOTODAMA/Ryo.S 日本語訳/花田宏子
Hide with my tears of regret and wait until my chance.

I had an illusion before I knew the truth.

The one who can't trust oneself the most is stupid.

I wanna talk to teacher about when I was student, but they run away.

Recently I've been laughing at painful things.

It's stupid to look back and think negative.

If you don't want to work, just quit. I wanted to work,
so I started a company.

If you come up with an idea, do it before the heat cools down.

Those who fear change can't grow.

You should find the knack by repeating.

It's easy to quit and difficult to continue. But I want to grow.

I'm praised as a "Challenger",
but I'm just repeating "demonstration experiment".

Anxiety exists because it is necessary for growth.

Negatives need to be transformed into reflection and learning.

I don't have to apply to society. I just do what I want to do.

I have a lot to tell, but it doesn't reach your heart.

Even if it's fashionable, it's not attractive if you can't do anything.

Turn your imagination into your abilities.

After my marriage, I lost my feelings of love.

It's cowardly to make your age and environment a reason you can't.

Put my sadness that I remember from time to time in the melody.

I continued draw, move and draw, and repeat them, so I could be an artist.

If I stick to my will, the voices around me will be a noise.

I was told, "Draw a picture with your soul." But it is physical strength to use.

Youth is not power. Desire is power.

My keyboard was always singing in loneliness.

The world acknowledged me if I made an effort. So I'm here today.

It doesn't matter if the gear is missing, my picture is not so weak.

I don't want to say, "I should have done that then."

When I find out about my sadness, I also know the pain of others.

You can start at any time, but if you don't do anything, nothing will be born.

Continuation is power. The time is money. He is Yasunari.

Knowing the Tsugaru dialect is also a way to guide my locals.

I have a dry heart and skin. But that doesn't mean I want water.

Can someone help me if I'm tired?

There are various difficulties when living,
but it is adults who maintain a normal mind.

The tired grows into a strong enemy with age.

Sometimes I need to release the brakes on my mind.

I forget when I don't experience anxiety.

The important thing is to set priorities.

It's a shame that there are only three faces of the Buddha.

Why does he invite me to Disneyland when I'm tired?

I never lose my reason.
But I know what to do when anger reaches it is peak.

Poor daily behavior wastes your life.

He got fat because he likes chocolate.

I can lose something when I want to grow.

Sadness walks with me like a shadow, but it's because I'm in the sun.

If you want to find the most delicious food in the world,
make a hungry time.

If you want to get rich, be stingy.

Experience is an unwavering truth.

Everything stops when I can't believe my talent.

I think when I am alive, I have various encounters.

Possibility and age are not proportional.

When there is the curiosity, fear disappears.

I will prove that the handicap is not negative as long as I live.

Recently I created painting goes beyond my imagination.

If I think only common sense, I become a boring person.

Sometimes I want to be a "Prisoner of love".

I was stupid when I was young, but I don't hate it.

I am the strongest now than any past.

"Contrary person" is the highest compliment.

"Continuation is power" is smelly word, but I will prove it.

Surprisingly others understand me.

When midnight I become sissy mind.

Focus on your imagination at night when you can't sleep.

Is my sense when I was young correct or outdated?

I don't want to regret "I should have done that."

Kindness is the greatest strength.

My switch sometimes runs away.

It is expected that I will stumble.

I must change my lifestyle as I get older.

That person is amazing but not amazing.

Even animals sometimes betray.

Why did I hate studying when I was a student?

The one who says "You're okay" is usually a liar.

I want to be a world person on the premise that I am a Japanese.

I'm proud of the team that taught me that if I do my best,
I'll be rewarded.

Common sense is nothing more than history.
If I don't change myself, I won't grow.

Being aware of the ups and downs of my own abilities will improve my efficiency.

You can't challenge if you care about the evaluation of others.

I want to tell myself when I was young. Not as expected,
but far beyond imaginations.

Struggling and continuing to suffer is the proof of life.

If the idol is also an artist, I don't have to be an artist.

Frustrating memory is a future asset.

Unfortunately my old sister is good at wasting good intentions.

Even if you insist only on the possibilities, your ability is up to you.

It is sadness to be denied, but if I can swallow it, I will grow up.

If I simply admit that it's a dream that won't come true,
can it really be easier?

I want to remember the longing to hold hands when I was young.

When I crossed the blue sea, I knew that there were really monsters.

Discrimination and distinction are similar but different.

I grew up with an education that "chemistry is right”.

The longing for "Senju Kannon" that I saw
when I was little hasn't changed even now as an adult.

It is more lost to get lost in the thoughts of others and your own desires.

It's easier to find what you get
when you start in a disadvantaged environment.

Even if it is a heavy step, if you can open the door,
you can go to the next stage.

Entrust the pictures with emotions that cannot be conveyed in words.

If I have a trouble, make it a chance.

I thought there was no god, but now my life is a miracle.

Do you understand the pain of not being able to meet the person I want to meet?

If you can't believe in yourself, who do you believe in?

I want to travel because nobody knows me.

No one should set limits.

From a young age, O thought of my goals as puzzles.

If the rules are cramped, break it yourself.

As a matter of common sense, if the leader says, "Be case by case.",
everyone is in trouble.

My rock star sang "Watching TV bad news all around",
but it's still a quarter century later.

I got help from him, but I write bad words about him on SNS.

I don't have a reason to nobody say "Do your best!"

There is no point unless I go beyond the imagination.

I don't have a model so I can do anything. But there is also loneliness.

I had a lot of things I wanted to cry this year, but I got over it.

Sleep because there are only bad things.

I feel sad on a cold night.

No matter who denies it, I did my best this year as well.

You should think of it as "growth" rather than "I'm old".

"Pureness of quitting" can't win "difficulty of continuing".

I think I am the strongest in this world.

I wanna meet someone who said, "you are in despair" when I was young.

Now, I will express my emotions with a melody.

I use high quality mineral water for Cup Noodles.

It's not "goodbye" but "see you again".

"How can time come back?" my star sang, but I think it's wrong.

Repeat until successful. This is my way.

A fool learns from his experience.
A wise person learns from the experience of others.
It is a saying I like.

I tried hard to be good at music and painting, but I was tired.

It is my own effort to make my dreams a reality.
I can say it because I experienced it.

The time to be lazy is sweet, but the painful reality will come later.

My son doesn't know my sadness.

I don't want to look shabby no matter what kind of body I was born with.

Even God can't expect one step ahead.

I bought a high-class piano as an interior.

I'll buy the Takarakuji for my dream with Michael this year as well.

This is not dream! Can you hear me baby!

Don't touch me! There are no pains anywhere!

Sometimes it's good not to know.

I just wanna make my like flashy.

I'm fine because I was able to hear the voices of great parson.

Even TAK makes a mistake in playing the guitar.

Being dominant is not the same as keeping pride.

You lose if you are just honesty.

If you hide one, you cannot hide the other.

That old man used to be a boy.

Should I convince myself that "only one is good"?

"Your pride is high" is a compliment, isn't it?

Think of any experience as a funny story.

You say, "Men and women are of different ages" but it's a defeat.

Meet fun friends when I live in search of light.

Create reality from your imagination!

Even if you start from a minus, you will reach the goal.

I need to work wisely, not just my effort.

"The good news is that it's unreliable" but I'm worried that you made no reply.

It's also a good idea to get drunk and forget about it.

I will spend my time without regrets in any situation.

Strong person is experiencing pain.

I'm happy today because I held hands with you again in my dreams.

I know I won't get any benefit if I rush, but I'm uncomfortable.

Why is autumn so lonely?

Not for anyone. Draw a picture for my dream.

My art can go beyond even words.

Decreased physical strength is also my growth.

Even if the comedian says, time doesn't come back.

If I can't use my body, use my brain.

"Even if you buy the hardship, do it"? How much is it?

Pencils are my absolute confidence in making happiness.

I was so small but I'm no longer afraid now.

It is ridiculed as "take it seriously" and soothed as "do not take it seriously".

Compliment yourself if you have worked hard on it.

Decide for yourself what you want to do. You know what I mean!

My headache is a sign of life. Well I go to bed.

People seek anxiety when they are boring.

Do you want to grow yourself or end up being stupid?

I don't remember being impatient lately.
I will continue to value aspirations.

Even if I'm from a stupid school, it depends on how I think about it.

Even if my computer turns off, my words don't go away.

People who say "time is what you make" don't know how busy I really are.

Those who deny digital are also using it now.

Believing in the culture of 10 years ago makes me suffocate.

Growth stops when you stop thinking.

I want to know how to make friends with anxiety.

Forget important things when I think only about my own desires.

If I keep looking at my goal. I can run the shortest distance.

The unfounded "It's OK" say person is stupid.

Surprise me with your strength.

I have a resume called "stupid" but I don't feel like losing to anyone.

Being able to control greed can lead to happiness.

I don't understand the feelings of people
who don't challenge even though they have a chance.

If I don't go out of order, nothing new will be born.

If I'm prepared, I can do anything.

I can be lazy at any time, but the price is high.

Why do some people forget that "life is only once"?

The prince on a white horse does not come even if you wait.

I can't act on myself if I'm at the mercy of someone.

If I can't overcome the pressure, I won't get real pleasure.

I'm definitely acting in a reality that no one can imagine.
It's a ain't no magic to make our dreams come true.

No miracle will happen, so take action to succeed!

Someone was singing, "Women's nice are reticent."

I can't do free things if I'm afraid to be hated.

"It's okay to be slow" doesn't always work. When you do it, do it quickly.

You can't even be my opponent. Think about your height.

Nothing starts unless someone sets a "precedent".

The more parson talk about love is liar.

If you have any difficulties, think about countermeasures.

Those who do not challenge do not understand that life is once.

I don't need gentle words, Please give me something useful.

The keyboard and my emotions have bean built since I was 14 years old. 

I started looking at the world after I was a child
when I visited to a supermarket alone.

My art fountain never withers.

It is difficult for the times to catch up with me.

I decided to run on a road without love.

Zero if nothing is done. I can multiply by doing something.

I want to continue "continuation is power" from any time.

I can't drown even if everyone is sad. Because the goal continues.

"There is a difference in age depending on gender."
is howling of the losing dog.

Even if a large amount of blood spouts from my head,
it will be revived in a few hours.

No one can show my weaknesses, but it's not a big deal.

I'll grow up to death.

I was often taken, "Buy hardships," but now I know it.

I'm glad I wasn't expected by anyone. I was able to relax.

I wanna grow with the small tree that I received as a gift.

The size of sadness can not be compared.

It's up to you to enrich yourself.
You don't understand even if you ask others.

When I was little, my world was small, so even if I was scared,
I want to go to a different place.

If I have cleared the task, give a reward.

If I forget, make something new.

Glory has a shadow of the same size.

I can't understand the feelings of others, but I can snuggle up.

The press is trying to scary newses viewers to buy.

Leisure is a great opportunity to find sadness.

The wise man can beat shame.

I can't go against the truth, but I can challenge the unprecedented.

You can imitate me, but I won't imitate you.

There was a lyric singing,
"Let's cross the blue sea to meet the person I admire, "
but that became true for me.

After the age 40, I became even more greedy.

I don't mind being alone. Just do what I want to do.

Artists who became friends in New York are also challenging.
I was shown the correct posture.

Curiosity is the most important force for human beings.

I don't think I'm right,
but I don't need parsons about the wrong being without knowledge.

A sunny day cannot be established without a rainy day.

"The goal can be achieved with effort" must have been proved by my actions.

I want to live honesty, but I am misunderstood by a few words and deeds.

I maintain my strength to see the scenery I haven't seen yet.

Perhaps my mother's imagination when I was born could be surpassed.

If you have only despair, make hope.

The more I draw, the farther away the goal is. How happy I am!

When I feel sad, I'm tired. I know that, but I can't get out.

There are times when Raijin is in a bad mood.

It's more fun to make than to buy what I want.

I wanted to work, so I can do anything for work.

The dirty words I say continue to exist in me.

Although I am worried about the evaluation from others, I will it.

I eventually win. My body hurts, but my heart is always burning.

I have the pride that changed the world, and I'll continue to change it.

"I can't do this" is lacking in imagination. Not inexperienced.

Even if it's hard today, praise myself for today.

I don't wanna hear silly stories.

The momentum slows down over time.

Patience is called "sustain" on the guitar.

I can love me because I have no regrets.

It's far beyond what I think. How do I enjoy it?

Step on the accelerator to do it.

People who like organic are generally unhealthy.

Throw the unpleasant things in the garbage can on the spot.

"Invincible thinking" is always bullish. I don't care about the reasons.

I can't do anything if I care about the eyes of others.

This time and place is because there was a long time ago when
I was sweating even though I couldn't be a rock star.

Maybe I'll be busy all my life. But there is no more happiness.

You are worried because You have a lot of boring time.

I was scared to go to a world I didn't know, but it was more profitable.

No matter how old I'm, don't forget my attitude to learn.

If I thought, "I can't do that now," I can't do it for the rest of my life.

Even if you tremble, so you should say what you want to say.

The person I respect for is far behind me.

The phrase of the liar song, "It's not a dream, this and that” was real.

It's quite convenient if I can get the hang of it.

He who said, "Return the 100 yen I lent you,"
he and I, who was told, are unhappy.

Even if it's impossible for everyone,
it's worth the challenge if it's unprecedented.

I'm alive because I haven't abandoned my dreams.

It was interesting  because TV stars are a world created by unreality.

Youth is a way of thinking, not age.

It is a fool to measure the other person with own ruler.

Even if I fall, I wake up with something.

"Living honestly" This is the most difficult thing to live.

Will I experience sweet and sour love in my future life?

Is it because of the eras that young people are weak and they are not growing?

I'm not interested in people who talk about dreams,
but I like people who have goals.

Respecting common sense will stop all growth.

I'll turn all the joy, anger, sadness, and fun into fuel.

There is no previous life or posterity.
I think about the moment I'm alive now.

In a long life, ideas for the tiredness of the times are important.

I may have lost a lot of things, but don't remember.

I wanna get along with even those who have laughed at me in the past.

Even if I imitate him, I can't be him. So the original exists.

My ways of thinking determine my physical condition for the day.

Rather than arranging beautiful words, do it quickly.

This suffering of mine will one day be a light for someone.

Bad memories should not be assembled like a puzzle.

I'm not hiding my abilities, but no one is aware of it.

Do you live secretly or do what you want to do? Which is it?

I can't love someone without money.

Mischief is also necessary in life.

There are many roads, so just walk.

Even if I get old, the basics do not change.

If you can't sleep, just wake up.

I wanna eat Osaka's Takoyaki again in Osaka.

If I don't act on myself, nothing will start.

New ideas are always laughed at.

Meaningful continuation is a real force.

The pain of life needs to shine.

Was it really fun when I was young?

Don't hate having no experience.

Good luck depends on my actions.

Make memories rather than immerse myself in them.

I don't must be a rock star for someone.

I don't care about the effort. The aim is success.

If you have something you want to do, you should do it now.

Even if the first time it is a "mistake",
the second time it will be a "difference".

The lamenting person has a narrow field of view.

If you pile up, you will definitely get a chance.

Expect myself more than I expect from young people.

There is no road behind me anymore.

There are many things to do,
but there seems to be a means called "erasure method".

I'm not young, but I can still grow.

I prove by myself that it is not impossible.

When I get lost, I imitate the respect person.

No artificial smile and tenderness is needed.

I need to be stupid to some extent to challenge.

I was exhausted by the rule called love.

I can set fire to my soul at every time.

I over-expected because I don't hate you.

My dictionary is formed by day after day experience.

The end of something is the overture of something.

The birds flying without hesitation are dazzling.

There is always suffering, but when I run away, nothing is born.

"The confidence" is believing in myself.

If I'm sad, just wait for the fun.

Like the pain of my voice, there is the pain that no one knows.

I don't think my way of life is right, but I think that's "Rock".

I know the feeling of making my dreams come true.
Because I made my wing without hands and feet.

There are many days when I don't talk to anyone. It's not unusual.

If there is a boundary between ideal and reality, where is it?

I'm glad to be able to work together even if there is a difference in background.

I wanna tell myself when I was young. "Please be stupid as it is."

If I don't decide for myself, I'll lost.

Reward myself today.

A distant goal starts with one step.

I understand the hard time because I had the pain.

Anxiety things must become a fortune.

Sometimes people have a narrow field.

People forget the sad things.

If you can't sleep, don't sleep.

Compliment myself once in a while.

The bad people are waiting for me to lost.

Even a second is important because I met you.

I shouldn't have a limit. all possibilities are lost.

The friendship I thought existed wasn't there.

The important things are not taught at school.

Sometimes I can't control my emotions because I'm human.

Experience rather than arranging memories.

I haven't cried for a while so I forgot how to cry.

Homework is the last thing I do on holidays.

The existence of Madonna 20 years ago is still the same.

Communication is difficult for everyone, but don't give up.

Even if it's painful, I can't say anything to anyone.

I hate the word dream because it's unrealistic. I make what I wanna do.

Even if I break, I become stronger when reboot.

Believe in my potential more than anyone else.

If I don't challenge, I won't even have a chance.

I don't allow myself to compromise because it collapses like an avalanche.

Knowing the reality, I lost the love.

Thank the doctors and nurses if you are hospitalized.

If you have a dream, act to satisfy it.

I wanna be irrelevant from persons that can't understand me.

If you don't know my feelings, don't talk about me.

You're the best Understander for me, though you've only spent a few days.

When I Can't come up with a good idea, it's a sign that I'm tired.

Dreams are determined by my reproducible.

I have no talent. But I just wanna do it.

There is nothing special when it comes to "normal".

There is no unreward effort.

It's interesting to think about the up and down of the future.

When I grow up, I know the taste of bitter coffee.

He is irritated because envy me.

I look at a balloon that it don't break like myself.

The battle exists to win. Because I can't lose.

Memories with you are like the hanabi on a distant day.

Even if I'm old, I never throw it away what my pride.

There is a lot to learn from children.

Don't be afraid of what I can't see.

Step on the accelerator fully open no matter how many times I get.

No matter what happenings or viruses, there is no compromise.

It is a treasure to know after living an inconvenient life.

I lost my love poems and regrets because I had learned.

I wanna draw freely as I like.

My body is weak, but I'll definitely go to new york city again.

Hold hands with troubles and be happy.

Find the pleasure that is only in the dark.

It's human  growth to accumulate hardships.

When I was young, I believed in "free love",
but I passed through a phantom tunnel.

When I understand the inconvenience, it will be useful.

That person and this person are amazing, but it's not really.

Memories don't must be cherished for posterity.

Beauty words are lie, because the best is only one.

"Cumulative" can't be reduced.
If you think about it properly, you will understand.

It doesn't matter how old you are to get started.

Since I was born in this world, I wanna be hard and enjoy myself.

The balloons deflated because I put in sad words.

Memories wetted with downpour became deep emotions.

I wanna go to the another world which I'm scared of it.

I draw the prank pictures  because someone might be happy.

It doesn't matter what time it is now.

Just hold hands with troubles.

Grow desires and make them a reality.

Even if it doesn't come true, I will challenge it.

If you can't run, just walk. If you can't walk, just stop.

Even if you are laughed at as "small luggage", that is my way.

Enjoy driving in the darkness of nothing.

Broken toys can be remake.

I can't have memories unless I make them.

Throw away an old pain on the day of garbage.

"Difficult to move" is the biggest enemy.

I can’t understand the feelings of others.

Even the weather can't hide an anxiety.

Be gorgeous when you are sad.

The information can easily create confusion.

When you think it's an effort, you can't beat a person who enjoy it.

The attitude of being able to change the way of thinking with the times is young.

Get rid of the about feelings.

There is a shadow because I go to the light.

The challenge is that I have break about the rule.

It isn't necessary for me to sleep when I can't sleep.

Make the effort to use what a failed.

Get up a hundred one times even if I make a hundred falls.

When world is panicked I'll  must make peace of my soul.

Know the feelings of those who can't say what they wanna say.

I don't make a promise, but I'm gonna see you.

When I meet young persons, I can reaffirm my experience.

It's not my destination, I wanna go further.

I had no pressure, because nobody knew my possibility.

How can I get the time back?

Everything shines as I wish.

I seek a dream that it can't reach even if I chase after it.

If I can't walk, stop and think.

Fear is always chasing.

When you cried, I wouldn't be there.

Grow in search of ideals.

Struggling is the perfect life.

Laugh away the pain you will never forget.

It's never too late.

A piece of recollection is important as a part of the puzzle.

Can you hear my soul's voice?

I don't feel like losing to young people these days.

When you'll make a new idea, you must do it soon!

What a wonderful moment!All time I feel it.

It's a noise from TV news day after day.

Even if I can't believe that it was a matter of course, living will become a fortune.

Today's wind feels cold.

Aim for the goal even if I'm tired.

Persistent scratches are a future trademark.

I'm happy when I feel the flowers are laughing.

I can't do anything if I consider only the risks.

The battle should be to win.

Looking up at the clear sky, I am still on my voyage today.

Go beyond my imagination to change the future.

I work thinking to get pleasure.


If you've time to get lost, do it.

No the place to shout it out.

I'm a liar now, but I'll make it true.

If you wanna improve your painting, try drawing with your mouth.

There is no point in regret because time doesn't come back.

There is not destination in my travel.

The clear sky is boring.

Those who know regret are strong.

Ain't no lie, it's my ability.

Borders have nothing to do with me, Just do what I wanna do it.

I became a self beyond my imagination when I was child.

When also dreems, human can't watch the surroundings.

Wanting to change the world is called "Hentai" in Japanese.

Even if I can't hold your hands now, the relationship doesn't change.

Knock'n on my mind day after day.

Time is money, but I've no them.

Nobody can stop my thinkin' rhythm.

I drawing' a picture, only my imagination and memory.

However I can to be free like a raging river?

My grandmother said about a Otoshidama "This is my mind", It's truth.

You can cry when you have a hard time.

Let's run today in my life.

Because I know how long I'm waiting, I hurry up.